Protecting Your Teeth

I like to protect the the cutting teeth of my saw blades when they are not in use. I’ve used the plastic protectors that come with some of them, however they usually break apart after a while. I now make my own from 1/2 inch automobile heater hose (available at auto supply stores) or air line tubing. To make one, measure the length around the outsides of the saw blade and cut the hose about 1 inch short of that length. Now use a sharp knife to split the hose on one side. A paper clip serves to hold the ends of the hose together. Bend about 1/4 inch of one end of the clip to 90 degrees, the other end to a ā€œUā€ shape. Bore a 1/16 inch diameter hole in one end of the hose, insert the ā€œUā€ shaped end of the clip in the hole and crimp it so it won’t come out. Bore a 1/16 inch diameter hole in the other end of the clip. This end of the clip acts as a catch to hold the hose ends together when installed on the blade.

-Thomas Cole
Port St. Lucie, FL

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