Resharpen and Reset Resaw Blades Right in the Bandsaw

Resharpen a steel resaw blade using a shop made handle with a chainsaw file holder hot glued to it. Cut some groves in the bottom of the handle for clearances before you hot glue it on. Determine the file diameter best for your blade using the shanks of drill bits (5/32 worked for my ½” blade). Remove the top blade cover so you can advance and hold the wheel for each tooth. Mark the start of your work with a paint pen and count the number of strokes it takes to get the first tooth sharp: use that same number of strokes for the remaining teeth. Resetting is as important as sharpening to prevent the blade from drifting; use a simple handsaw setting tool for that operation. Examine the blade carefully to determine how the teeth were set; there is often one tooth that is not set.

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