Shop-made Iron-on Edge Banding

Shop-made Iron-on Edge Banding

Iron-on edge banding is easy to make. Rip the wood strips about 1/32″ thick from the edge of a board, then coat both the strip and your substrate with yellow wood glue. When the glue dries, iron the edging to the substrate with a hobby iron or a household iron set to medium heat and no steam. The heat will reactivate the glue so the edging sticks, and pressure from the iron flattens and smoothes the surface. It works great!

– Darold Lobb
Snohomish, Washington

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  • my10sense

    Why not just glue the strips on directly? For that matter, why not just cut quarter inch strips and glue them on? Then you can even relieve the edge, lessening the chance of damage.

    • CJL1961

      The glue sticks better when its tacky than straight from the bottle.

  • DAH20

    I’ll have to try this, since it usually requires some edge clamping to get a nice tight fit if your using thicker banding, and clamping is a hassell !