Turning Old Tech into New Magnets

To get some good rare earth magnets, just take apart my old, unused computer hard drives and remove the two rare earth magnets from them.  I have six and use them by screwing them to a small piece of hardwood. They work great.

-Richard Cote

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  • LouisianaJoe

    I have also used the platters as mirrors and I have hung several from strings to create light reflectors hanging from a limb. When the sun light bounces of them and the wind moves them around, the dogs start chasing the light spots that run around the yard.

  • Bob Jones

    I have taken both notebook 2&1/2″and desktop3&1/2″ HD’s apart. The desktop ones are the best as far as size/ strength I find. I used the holes in the flat one to mount it under a desk and covered it with several layers of 2″ wide electrical tape. It is strong enough to hold an all steel Ruger .22 firmly in place under the desk drawer. I have seen similar products sell for $29.95. They also work well as crude stud finders. Lightly run one over a wall and they will stick to it when you find a nail.