VIDEO: Making a Zero Clearance Throat Plate

VIDEO: Making a Zero Clearance Throat Plate

Reduce tearout on wide cuts by making a zero clearance throat plate for your table saw. They’re easy to make and a handy addition to your shop’s table saw. Chris Marshall explains why and how to make one.

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  • WavMaster

    Great article. But I have to say on some saws, one has to be careful making a zero clearance throat plate. My saw has a very thin flange socket so no matter the material I used the new plates ended up not being very durable because they would breakout around the thin flange.
    After making several, although they worked well during their short lifespans I had to come up with a different solution. An aluminum insert was my solution. The new insert I came up with uses an aluminum insert that holds a hardwood insert for the zero clearance application. The hardwood inserts are quickly changeable and I use the new insert exclusively with all my cutting, even angled cuts.
    The hardwood insert can be almost any material, plywood, particle board, MDF, hardwoods, softwoods, nylon, plastic, or any other material you can cut using a table saw. It is also safe to use and has never been discharged from the saw since I began using it. I’ve had several of the others break at the flange during a cut and pieces go flying everywhere, not a good feeling trying to keep your fingers and dodge flying pieces of wood simultaneously.
    I wish I could share a photo to show you the problem I had and my solution.

    • TLM80209

      Yes, a photo or two would be good.