Mahogany Credenza

This reader-submitted project is proof once again that you don’t always need to know what wood you’re using for it to turn out beautifully.

Thought you might appreciate this credenza I made to hold books for my wife. It’s constructed from curly Mahogany with a heavily figured bird’s eye Maple top, accents and carved handles. The veneer on the door fronts is a mystery wood I acquired while dealing in wood veneers, that has an incredible curly, lustrous look with black veins.

- Kirby Gaal

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Matt Becker
Internet Production Coordinator

Mahogany Credenza

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3 thoughts on “Mahogany Credenza

  1. Loved the credenza, but as a novice, I’d like to know why the stiles of the cabinet and doors are “pegged” only at the bottom?

  2. Larry,

    Kirby would be the best person to answer this question, obviously, but I would guess the decision not to peg the stiles on top was an aesthetic one. An interesting choice for sure. Maybe Kirby will weigh in on this decision in a future reply to your inquiry.


    Chris Marshall

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