2019 State of the Woodworking Industry Survey

Wide-ranging report includes tools, equipment and brand implications


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Woodworker’s Journal Magazine, one of the nation’s premier home shop-focused woodworking titles, has just completed the latest volume in their series of highly regarded “State of the Woodworking Industry” (SWIS) reports. The survey group was comprised of over 16,000 opt-in, self-identified woodworkers and DIYers and represents a broad-based compilation of consumer buying habits, media use, purchasing triggers, brand perceptions and usage. The 2019 report is the 5th such report produced and published by Woodworker’s Journal since 2006.

“The 2019 SWIS is a detailed and revealing window into the woodworking and DIY world that’s not available anywhere else,” says Rob Johnstone, Publisher.

“Each time we’ve done the survey and compiled the report, we’ve been blown away by the data we’ve gathered along with the insights into trends and industry changes.”

Among the current reports’ implications and revelations are the following examples:

• Elmer’s Glue has lost nearly 50% of its perceived brand value with woodworkers since 2006. (Q#24)
• Power Sharpening System ownership has increased by 14% since 2010, and one company owns 24% of that market. (Q#77)
• 65% of those surveyed have used Amazon reviews as part of their pre-purchasing research. (Q#136)

SWIS also provides insight into woodworker and DIYer purchasing decisions. The survey included the answers to questions such as:

• How important is SawStop-like safety gear to a purchasing decision?
• How many of those surveyed are looking to buy a new stationary or benchtop power tool in 2019?
• How important are web-based influencers (bloggers) to the woodworking/DIY community?

The 2019 SWIS report is easy to read and digest, and includes charts of compiled data:

The complete SWIS report is available to the woodworking industry with certain restrictions. Those interested in finding out more about the information revealed in the 2019 SWIS report can contact: Mark Hagen ph 312-286-4926 or mhagen@woodworkersjournal.com

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