Another Use for CD Holders

I am a recycler. Recently, I was looking for storage suggestions for some three dozen circular saw blades which have been sitting on my workshop floor for far too long. While cleaning up my computer desk, I was wondering if I could use some empty plastic CD disk storage containers to store them. The center posts are 2-3/4” tall and 9/16” wide. My 7-1/4” blades fit on a wooden base of 8”, which is glued with Gorilla glue CD holder. Used or free CD disks can be placed between the blades to provide some spacing. The 10” Shopsmith blades which have a 1-1/4” hole will stack with a 1-1/8” washer with a 5/8” hole. Other 9-1/2” or 10” blades fit on a wooden base of 11-1/4”.

-Tom Gray

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