Circular Saw Dust Control

Circular Saw Dust Control

Have you ever tried to cut a piece of lumber with a circular saw in your living room? What a mess. Well with a spare shop-vac nozzle, some hardware and a little epoxy you can fix that.  Drill a hole next to the exhaust opening of the saw and glue in place a bolt (so that the vibration of the saw will not get it undone). On the shop-vac nozzle attach a small strap of aluminum with a hole at each end, bend it gradually so as to be able to attach it to the bolt on the saw, a winged nut make file easier. The next attach to it your shop-vac hose and there you have it your saw dust will be sucked immediately and hardly any of it will fall to the floor (just don’t forget to turn your shop-vac on first before you start cutting).

-L. A. Kronfli
Vienna, VA



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