More Cold Weather Shop Solutions

My cold weather storage isn’t just for glue. I was going through batteries like crazy and the glue was ruined. I salvaged a small chest type freezer and placed it on end. drilled a small hole near the bottom back and installed an electric cord through the hole. I installed shelf brackets and several shelves to hold my cordless batteries, welding helmet and glue and several cans of paint. Next, I added a power strip and inserted a small appliance bulb which is lit all through the cold months. That small bulb will keep the inside temp at 55 degrees even when the shop is 15 – 20 degrees!

Because this was a chest type freezer and gravity held the lid closed (now on its end), I added a small spring the ensure the lid is sealed so the heat doesn’t escape.

-Jim Becker
Waunakee, WI

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