Cutting Down on Snipe

Cutting Down on Snipe

As a garage shop woodworker, I am limited on space and equipment. I do own an older Uni-saw as well as a Delta surface planer as well as the normal router, hand planes, etc.

I have read a great deal about snipe and how to avoid it. I have seen many different solutions and I’m sure that some of them work. I really don’t feel that they are necessary however if one simply is aware of how to feed the machine.

I experienced snipe at the onset when I was learning to use the planer. Then I discovered that if I lifted the opposite end of the work slightly as it fed into the planer and approached the blades and did the same thing as the end of the work approaches the blades on exit, there is no snipe problem. Not a major amount of lift is necessary; probably 1/4 to 1/2 inch space at the edge of the table.

– Jerry L. Walker
McAllen, Texas

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