File Cabinet Storage

File Cabinet Storage

A metal file cabinet in your shop it is very useful for many things other than filing. They are much cheaper than a metal cabinet and don’t take up as much space.

1. Excellent for storage of your flammables, waxes and solvents. My drawers will accommodate up to a gallon can.

2. Use the hanging folders for storage of up to 10” circular blades. It will keep just enough distance between them to prevent carbide teeth from clashing. Some cardboard in the bottom center will keep them from going through the bottom.

3. Filing sand paper in hanging folders will provide organized and quick access to your on hand stock.

4. Wax paper, rags, tack cloths and small tools such as RO sander, multi tool, and air tools if you use them.

5. You can also use them to file plans if it suits you.

I am currently going to a 5 drawer cabinet since the 4 drawer is stuffed.

– Tom Karls

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