Filling in the Cracks

I was fortunate enough to come by a few pieces of a very special bodock (Osage orange) tree and turned it into a peppermill. It had a few very light cracks in it but the more I turned it and sanded it, the more small cracks appeared. As the cracks would appear, I would fill them with the thin CA glue and let it dry. I finished turning it with a very light cut and sanded to a perfect finish.  The cracks were filled, so the finish did not show any wrinkles and the bright yellow wood was dark around the cracks so the glue was all but unnoticeable even to the trained eye. I have a piece of a massive crape myrtle, 24 or so inches in diameter, and I will probably run into the same cracking problem with it. -Charles Buster New Albany, MS

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