Finish for Cutting Boards

Finish for Cutting Boards

I have been reading many different formulas for cutting board finishes. Many caution to heat the ingredients over low heat to reduce the possibility of flame ups, but here is an alternate method that eliminates the flame up potential:

Use an old fashioned water bath. Place your ingredients (mineral oil, bees wax) in a clean empty coffee can or similar metal throwaway can. Bring an inch or so of water to a boil in a medium sauce pan, and turn off the heat. Place the coffee can in the hot water, but do not let it rest on the bottom (bubbles may form and tip the can).

Swirl the can to mix the ingredients. They will melt and blend in a few minutes. For more stubborn ingredients you can put the heat back on if necessary. I applied the mixture while still warm and am storing it in a tight glass jar, that will make re-heating (in a water bath) simple when I need it next.

It worked like a charm and made an awesome finish on my Oak and Mahogany cutting board (about 5 parts USP Mineral Oil to 1 part white Bees Wax).

– Jack Alberti
South Windsor, CT

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