VIDEO: Half-Blind Dovetails – Sawing Tail Sockets

VIDEO: Half-Blind Dovetails – Sawing Tail Sockets

In this episode of Hand Cutting Dovetails series, Ernie continues his lesson about how to make drawers using half-blind dovetails. You’ll learn how to transfer the pin layout to the tail boards and how to saw and chisel out the sockets. Ernie shows you how to scribe the layout of the pins. He then uses a short back saw to cut along the socket layout lines and chops the waste out with a chisel. He finishes this video by demonstrating a dry assembly of the drawer and how to correct the fit of the pins and tails. Ernie uses a dovetail chisel to change the size of the tail sockets.

The dovetail may be the most iconic joint in woodworking. It is the perfect marriage of form and function – both strong and attractive. In this series, Ernie Conover clearly demonstrates how to lay out, cut, and assemble the most popular types of dovetail joints.

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