Hiding Leg Levelers with Recesses

Hiding Leg Levelers with Recesses

Leg levelers with threaded posts are useful to avoid tippy, rocking furniture on uneven floors, but their thickness tends to elevate furniture unnaturally above the floor, especially if you add a felt pad to them as I do. To help conceal the levelers, I drill 1/2″-deep holes in the legs that are a bit larger in diameter than the round leveler pads.

Adding leg leveler to recess in chair leg

I drill a second, centered hole at the bottom for the post’s threaded insert. Once the levelers are installed, you can back them out until the pad just clears the big hole and serves its leveling purpose but without lifting the leg too far up. With this fix, you’ll almost forget the levelers are even there.

– Willie Sandry
Camas, Washington

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