July/August 2023 Issue Preview

July/August 2023 Issue Preview

Our new August issue focuses on projects for your home, and we’ve come up with some unusual and interesting options! There’s plenty of fresh content to help expand your woodworking stills too, because as we all know, woodworking is a craft that always offers more opportunities for learning. So, if your summer travels involve spending many hours in a plane or car, or you’re whiling away breezy afternoons in a beach chair, take your copy of the issue along. We hope it will give you reason to make a new lumber shopping list, browse www.rockler.com or provide some engaging food for thought. Hope you enjoy it!

Cherry Dog Kennel: Fido doesn’t have to settle for a metal or plastic dog crate, because your woodworking skills can raise that bar considerably if you build our version of an all-wood kennel. Even better, it’ll disguise its true purpose beautifully as an end table.

Memento Mirror Frame: This attractive accent offers one final reflection before you head out the door, and a pair of 5×7 photo openings can lift your spirits at the same time! A new router table jig from Rockler makes its cross-lap joints fun and easy to mill.

Outdoor Corner Plant Stand: Curves and more curves adorn this four-shelved organizer. If you build it from an outdoor-suitable wood, it offers plenty of space to display your summer plants on a patio or deck.

Woodworking Basics: Our third installment of a new four-part series for beginners will have you building a walnut wall shelf while honing your skills at cutting and fairing matching curves.

Modern Shop Hand Tools: A piece of steel, sharpened and burnished well, becomes an excellent micro-plane. It’s called a cabinet or card scraper, and every woodworker should benefit from its versatility. Let our expert enlighten you in his article and “More on the Web” video.

Simplifying Bit Setups: Keyhole slots are the most durable option for hanging large photo frames or plaques. They’re also easy to rout with the right template, guide bushing and bit from Rockler. We’ll show you how here.

Advanced Power Tool Techniques: A jointer is no one-trick pony! A.J. Hamler explains how to use it for tapering table legs and milling rabbets as well as taking the twist out of gnarly boards.

Tool Preview: Festool cuts the cord with its all-new 36-volt Kapex KSC 60 Sliding Compound Miter Saw. We take a closer look at its features.

Hardworking Hardware: A flipper door is the perfect solution for this issue’s “Cherry Dog Kennel,” and Rockler’s EZ Pocket Door Slide hardware makes that possible. .

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