July/August 2018

July/August 2018 Issue Preview

July/August 2018 Issue Preview

You’ll get some time in outdoors when you make the Shou Sugi Ban table from the July/August issue of Woodworker’s Journal – that’s where you do the Japanese charring technique – as well as when you set it up afterward. Looking for other exterior finish options? Check out Michael Dresdner’s Finishing Thoughts column. Back indoors, we’ve got projects like a Mission style Window Bench, a Waney-Edged Box with a stunning lid and Woodturning’s Small Hollow Forms. Plus, discover what you do – and don’t – know about your drill/driver. You’ll find it all in the July/August issue of Woodworker’s Journal.

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Shou Sugi Ban Side Table: Get aglow about the outdoors with this easy-to-build tabletop fire pit, plus expand your woodworking skills to a new material as you route an aluminum plate for the fire pit top.

Limbert Window Bench: Rob Robillard, the Concord Carpenter, walks you through a shop installation of Rockler’s cool new Pro Lift Router Lift into his his table saw’s extension table.

Waney-Edged Box: A box’s simple lines showcase the natural edge of the wood used for the lid. Plus, learn about regulations now affecting that species – and all the rosewoods.

Tool Tutorial: The drill/driver is a standby tool, not just for woodworkers, but for homeowners, DIYers – just about everyone. Learn more about this basic from Chris Marshall, including why you care about amp/hours and whether you need a hammer drill or impact driver.

Woodturning: Ready to move beyond the basics of spindle turning? Small, hollow forms are a fun next step — plus, these vessels can make great gifts.

Finishing Thoughts: What do you put on your projects when they’re going to live outside? Michael Dresdner walks you through the options for exterior finishes.

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