March/April 2017

Woodworker’s Journal – March/April 2017 Issue Preview

Woodworker’s Journal – March/April 2017 Issue Preview

The March/April issue of Woodworker’s Journal takes on projects for your home head-on. From the newest version of a fold-up Murphy Bed, to a Bathroom Vanity that can be adjusted to fit your plumbing, to a Shoe Storage Rack that will serve your entryway well, you’ll find home projects that are both practical and pretty. This issue also contains a clock with two timepieces, information on how to use a vacuum veneer pump and instructions on applying varnish. Our woodturning columnist revisits traditional techniques for harvesting the wood that will create freshly turned spindles, while we also introduce you to tools that incorporate the most modern Internet-connected technology.

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Murphy Bed: An updated version of the classic space-saving foldaway bed, with optional matching side cabinets.

Bathroom Vanity: A beautiful veneered grain pattern on the false fronts of Anatole Burkin’s bathroom fixture creates the illusion of symmetry. In reality, you can customize the fit of the three graduated drawers to your own house’s plumbing.

Shoe Storage Rack: Store your shoes in style with this red oak storage rack, which also provides benchtop seating. Author Sandor Nagyszalanczy’s tips to combat wood movement come in handy when creating a project from a handsome hardwood.

Thinking-of-You Clock: In this case, two faces aren’t a bad thing: one clock keeps track of your own current time, while the other clock face ticks away the time in a faraway loved one’s locale. You’ll also find a chalkboard inset handy for messages and reminders, plus a place to keep your keys.

Woodturning: Want to turn spindles from green wood? You can, as long as your wood has a complete annular ring. Learn how to harvest wood to get that result, plus tips for turning that green wood spindle.

Technology & Woodworking: Everything’s connected these days – including tools. Chris Marshall introduces you to mobile apps for batteries and power tools that can provide diagnostics, tool tracking, dial-in settings and more.

strong>Techniques: Learn six different methods for cutting circles – plus how to avoid saw marks on your final piece.

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