Magnetic Resaw Fence

Magnetic Resaw Fence

“Point-style” resaw fences are usually made from scrap wood, but they can be hard to clamp exactly where you want them. I’ve got an easier solution that requires no clamping.

All you need is a welder’s magnetic square (less than $10 from wholesalers), a scrap piece of PVC pipe and a few fasteners. Drill holes through the pipe and magnet, then fasten the parts together with bolts, washers and nuts. The fasteners must be recessed inside the pipe.

My magnetic fence stays right where I put it during use, and the PVC offers a low-friction surface for guiding the wood along. When you’re finished resawing, just pop the fence free and stick it to the saw frame so it’s easy to find when you need it again.

– Alfred DeVries
El Cajon, California

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