Making Tongue-and-Groove Pinch Sticks

Making Tongue-and-Groove Pinch Sticks

I often use overlapping “pinch sticks” instead of a tape measure to take inside measurements. But recently, when measuring some wide windows for installing trim, it was difficult to hold the two sticks in line. Then a solution came to me. I had some leftover tongue-and-groove wood paneling, so I just ripped the tongue-and-groove edges off of a board, plus an extra 3/8″ of solid wood to support each of these interlocking edges, to create pinch sticks.

Tongue-and-groove pinch sticks stay aligned and hold their setting easily.

I angle-cut their ends so I would have point-to-point accuracy. Now my pinch sticks fit together and stay in line while I spread them apart or measure their setting. They work so well that I’ve made three more sets.

– David Wiseley
Waters, Michigan

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