March/April 2023 Issue Preview

March/April 2023 Issue Preview

One of the many benefits of woodworking is that we can personalize our projects in all sorts of ways. You’ll see three shining examples of customization in the projects we’re featuring in the new March/April issue. It also contains the second installments of three new article series for 2023 and introduces a fourth! We hope you’ll enjoy the new content and added video bonuses for many of these articles in our “More on the Web” offerings. As our publisher enjoys saying, we hope the new issue will help you “keep on making sawdust!”

Modern Room Divider: The effects of the pandemic have prompted many of us to work from home and turn common living spaces into makeshift offices. A classic room divider can help partition that workspace from the rest of a room, and you can dress it up beautifully with the wallpaper patterns and colors of your choice!

Precision Tool Cabinet: Our senior editor will show you how to make a small but practical cabinet for your measuring, marking and delicate cutting tools. Why not adorn it with some fancy figured lumber you’ve been saving? Who says shop storage can’t be attractive, too?

Accented Cutting Board: Add “Wow!” factor to cutting boards with an angled lamination of multi-colored hardwoods. It’s a flashy detail that will make this workaday kitchen creation even more distinctive.

Modern Shop Hand Tools: If you’re just beginning to work wood or looking for simple but useful projects to build with a young person, this new limited four-part series will help cover the fundamentals. Our first project is a practical Step Stool you can make with a modest collection of hand tools.

Shop Talk: It’s hard to imagine not using electric routers these days, but Ernie Conover makes the case for why a router plane is still a sensible and useful addition to your hand tool collection.

Simplifying Bit Setups: Learn how to set up and use drawer lock router bits. It’s the second in a new six-part series intended to help build your confidence with some of our craft’s trickier router bit options.

Advanced Power Tool Techniques: Get the most from your router table by adding jointing, template-routing and mortise-and-tenon joinery to your repertoire! A.J. Hamler will teach you all three techniques in this article.

Tool Preview: Oneida is an industry leader in dust collection machines. The company has raised the bar of efficiency once again with its new Supercell Turbo dust collectors.

Hardworking Hardware: Piano hinges offer narrow profiles and loads of swing strength for attaching heavy lids or doors to your projects. Learn how to install them with a router and jig.

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