Marking Your Projects and More

While getting tired of replacing peeling labels, I started looking for a good way to permanently label tools and accessories. I came up with an economical and working solution. An electric engraver, found in most hardware and box stores for under 20 dollars was the solution to my problem. It can be used on just about any surface and the i.d. is forever. I use it to identify all my shop tools and any blades (or combinations) used for specific purposes. To enhance reading on metal, I rub a permanent marker across the engraving and rub the surface with a rag to imbed the color. If the color fades (on the blades), I hit it again with the marker. The engraver also “signs and dates” all of my wood projects. A dab of dark stain rubbed over the engraving identifies the creation for many years to come. What’s also nice about this tool is that you can control the engraving depth with an adjustment knob.

-Bob Hicks

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