May/June 2019 Issue Preview

May/June 2019 Issue Preview

The May/June issue of Woodworker’s Journal that range from the practical, like a simple-to-make Entry Bench featuring dimensioned lumber, to the impressive, like a Limbert Style Hutch patterned after the style of one of the 20th century’s premier Arts & Crafts designers. Practice hand cutting dovetails with a Whiskey Cabinet from Anne Briggs, and build a Compact Drop-Leaf Table as a space-saving solution. Other things you’ll learn in this issue? All about drill presses, the backstory on burls, and how to craft collapsible baskets with shallow angle cuts on the scroll saw.

Compact Drop-Leaf Table: Chris Marshall’s compact version of a dining table can be regularly set for tea (or breakfast, dinner, etc.) for two, and easily expands to seat four through drop leaves and gate legs.

Entry Bench: Dimensioned lumber, pocket-hole screws and purchased baskets create a simple storage unit with a shiplap look.

Dovetailed Whiskey Cabinet: Anne Briggs hand cut her dovetails and put several other hand tools through a workout when building this liquor storage cabinet.

Mid-Century Modern Dresser: Plank legs and decorative cutouts, elements of Arts & Crafts designer Charles Limbert’s style, make their appearance in this impressive piece of furniture, with an upper open hutch and a lower enclosed cabinet.

Tool Tutorial: A.J. Hamler takes you through the drill on everything you need to know about drill presses: what to look for, how they work, and how to make the best use in your shop.

Woodturning: Burls, abnormal growths on a tree, can be beautiful in the eye of the beholder – especially if that’s a woodturner. Ernie Conover discusses burl basics like finding, harvesting and best uses.

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