May/June 2020 Issue Preview

May/June 2020 Issue Preview

There have been other troubling times in history, but many of us have not seen them to this extent before or this close to home. Hopefully these “shelter-in-place” circumstances we’re in are providing you opportunities to stay productive in your workshops. Woodworking can help us all remain positive about the future. To that end, we hope our May/June issue can be a source of inspiration for your creativity.

English Garden Bench: If you’re looking for an ambitious project that will keep you busy for a couple of weeks of rigorous woodworking, here’s a solid design that will beautify the yard when you’re through.

Lathe Stand: A proper stand can elevate your mini lathe to the correct working height, provide much-needed ballast and give you a place to store your primary turning tools. Build our design affordably from home-center lumber.

Walnut and Cherry Tray: A table saw is the solo performer when you make this box-jointed accent piece. From its corner joinery to its sculpted outer faces, this tray will put your table saw through a variety of paces.

Laser-engraved Box: We go “high-tech” here, embellishing the sides of a small box with laser engravings and precision-cut veneer on its lid. Find the project plan and free downloadable laser programming on our website.

Woodturning: One of woodturning’s many incentives is speed. In this article, our expert offers five suggestions for lickety-split finishes that will complete your turnings while keeping the process moving.

Tool Tutorial: Impact drivers have eclipsed drill/drivers as the go-to tools for installing screws. If you wish you knew more about these little powerhouses, A.J. Hamler’s overview will be just the tutorial you need.

Tool Preview: Laguna’s new REVO 15|24 Lathe offers “big lathe” features but puts a smaller dent in your pocketbook. See why this lathe might be the ideal mid-range solution for your growing turning needs.

Hardworking Woods: Walnut’s chocolate-brown color has the “Wow!” factor that has enchanted woodworkers for centuries. Find out where it grows, what it’s best used for and how to make that coveted color really pop on your next project.

Six Simple Finishes: It’s tough to muck-up a wipe-on finish, but there are a few pointers to keep in mind to get best results. Here’s what you need to know.

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