May/June 2024 Issue Preview

May/June 2024 Issue Preview

Now that we’ve escaped the shackles of winter for another year, it’s time to get busy with spring/summer woodworking projects! Our new June issue features three that will help beautify your home, indoors and out:

Adirondack Rocker: Four years ago, we published a “Modern Adirondack Chair” plan, and Rockler sells template and hardware kits to build it. For this issue, we’re making that chair even more comfortable to relax in (and get out of!) by adding a set of rockers to it! Learn how to build it here.

Pedestal Stand: A benchtop lathe with bed extension helped our author turn a beautiful and handy focal point for displaying a candy machine. But you could easily modify it to showcase a favorite house plant.

Translucent Screen Shutters: Add elegant privacy to any window in your home without compromising sunlight.

Advanced Power Tool Techniques: No one we’ve met is wild about power-sanding. But our expert offers plentiful advice to help you sand more efficiently and effectively, regardless.

Tool Preview: Now and again, it sure would be handy to be able to cut ferrous metal on a woodshop band saw, wouldn’t it? Laguna is making that a reality with its new hybrid 14|CX Bandsaw. Learn more about it in this article.

Shop Talk: Sometimes woodturning accomplishment shouldn’t be measured by a stopwatch, and our essayist, Rick Weil, explains why. We also feature a Twin-Cities based lumber business that makes the most of discarded trees.

Tricks of the Trade: Tips for safeguarding a scroll chuck and keeping wooden face trim in alignment when installing it.

Our Weekly Readers: Hide glue has been around for centuries, but do you use it? Readers share thoughts about this ancient but still very practical wood glue.

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