November/December 2020 Issue Preview

November/December 2020 Issue Preview

‘Tis the season to build gifts, and in this new issue you’ll have plenty of easy-to-build options! Good sense should dictate getting a head start on them as soon as possible, but we’ve got you covered — even if the holidays are already in full swing.

Cartographer’s Coffee Table: While this hasn’t been the best year to travel, we take the style of a vintage map-maker’s cabinet and give it fresh purpose with a thick top, stylish hardware and practical drawer storage. Call it our 2020 homage to wanderlust.

Cordless Charging Table: If you sometimes put off cell phone charging because of the hassle of plug-in cords, this veneered side table provides a hidden wireless solution that can top up your phone while you sleep.

Two Wall Clock Plans: Even in the digital age, analog wall clocks can still make practical and fun-to-make gifts. Here are two versions you can build with a CNC machine or a handheld router and Rockler’s number templates.

Four Simple Holiday Gifts: Gift-giving doesn’t have to be expensive if you’re a clever woodworker. These quick, easy projects can be made from scrap-bin cutoffs or careful culling from the firewood pile at next to no cost.

Woodturning: Wooden spatulas and spoons are ideal for today’s coated cast-iron cookware. Ernie Conover demonstrates the process of making both options.

Tool Tutorial: Sharpening tool edges doesn’t have to be tedious or time-consuming if you add some voltage to the process. Here’s a survey of several powered sharpening systems to consider.

Tool Preview: RIKON’s new VSR 70-3040 full-size lathe solves the problem of limited swing and spindle capacity with a stacked bed that grows at the twist of a knob.

Hardworking Woods: Red oak has been a mainstay in woodworking and cabinetry for a long time. Learn more about this practical and plentiful North American species.

Six Simple Finishes: Blotching can be a bugaboo when staining close-grained hardwoods like maple, birch or cherry. Here’s a simple finishing regimen to help avoid the problem.

What’s in Store: If Santa could use a few ideas for you under the tree, here’s a sampling of new products worthy of wrapping paper and a bow.

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