Oven and Blade Cleaner

Recently my combination blade need cleaning, so while I was at it, I thought that I would clean all of my blades. Before I finished the first one, I ran out of the expensive blade cleaner that I had been using. Trying to think of what I had at home that would do the job, I remembered the cheap can of oven cleaner I had gotten at the dollar store. I bought it to clean my gas grill, and since the grease on the grill and the gunk on my blade were both organic, I thought it might work. Well it worked fine. Both the blades and the grill came out squeeky clean. Better still the fumes from the oven cleaner were not nearly as bad as those from the dedicated blade cleaner. At about a fifth of the cost, the dollar store oven cleaner has become my new best friend.

-Jim Westbrooks
Canal Fulton, Ohio

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