Rip Fence Alignment Jig

Rip Fence Alignment Jig

To minimize binding and kickback, it’s important that the rip fence and saw blade on your table saw line up with the miter slots and blade. I made this simple adjustable jig so I can check their alignment from time to time. It looks very much like an oversized marking gauge.

A thumbscrew, fitted to a threaded insert, holds the head in place anywhere along the beam. To use the jig, slip the head into a miter slot (its thickness must match the slot width) near the front of the saw table.

Slide the beam until it touches the fence, and lock the head. Remove the jig and set it in the same slot near the back of the table. If the beam still touches the fence, you’ll know the fence is parallel to the slot. It works the same way when checking your saw blade’s alignment.

– Roland Romito
Broadview Heights, Ohio

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