Safer Way to Pocket Your Chisels

Safer Way to Pocket Your Chisels

Storing chisels in my tool bag has been a real challenge. I tried keeping them in athletic socks and leather wraps, but getting them out was a hassle. Left unwrapped, the blades cut holes in the pocket of my bag and exposed the sharp edges.

I solved the problem with these rigid cases, made from scrap. I cut a couple of shallow dadoes in a piece of pine a little longer than the length of the chisel blades, then glued a piece of hardboard over it to form a secure case. I rounded the bottom corners of the case to make it easier for them to slide into my bag pockets.

Now my chisels are ready whenever I need them, and there’s no danger to the bag, the cutting edges or me.

– Stephen M. Hoffman
Salina, Kansas

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