September/October 2018 Issue Preview

September/October 2018 Issue Preview

The September/October issue of Woodworker’s Journal is full of information about your favorite hobby. You’ll learn about aspects of woodworking from how to easily cut dovetails by hand, to how to select the best band saw blades for your cut, to how to do the final turning on your now-dried green wood. Build a new Table Saw Outfeed Table for your shop, or a Classic Cherry Chest for your home. Learn how to do hot-pipe bending with a Curved Handle Serving Tray – and don’t miss our woodworking staff’s debate in our Questions & Answers section on the best way to drill for pilot holes.

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Table Saw Outfeed Table: YouTube personality Matt Cremona brings his live edge lumber to the shop with a slab-topped table saw outfeed table. We also present the option for a plywood top for this super-handy shop helper.

Classic Cherry Chest: Hand-cut dovetails add a keepsake element to this moderately sized storage chest.

Elegant Curved-Handle Serving Tray: Learn to create curves with the hot-pipe bending technique employed for this distinctive serving tray.

Tool Tutorial: Learn band saw basics (what it can do, what to look for) and beyond (set up, safety and making the cut) in this overview of the shop workhorse from tool expert Sandor Nagyszalanczy.

Woodturning: You’ve done a first turning, left your green wood to dry .. and now what? Now, it’s time to re-turn it to final shape, with the guidance of woodturner Ernie Conover.

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