Shop Storage Solution

Shop Storage Solution

Here’s a shop storage solution I arrived at recently that’s working well for me.

Heavy cardboard carpet tubes (usually available for free from your local carpet dealer) work great, cut to any length desired and bundled with cord. Mine are 18” long, separate out different dowel scraps and leftover hardwood moldings, and let me see at a glance what I have available.

They rest on the floor under my workbench, set up on scrap 2x4s to keep them off the concrete.

While bundling them together, I recommend securing the tubes at the ends with masking tape where they meet. Otherwise, one quickly becomes Charlie Chaplin chasing rolling cardboard tubes all over the garage. Already I wish I had more to segregate stored pieces. Theywork great.

-Barb Siddiqui
Wenatchee, WA

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