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I needed to close off an area in my shop one day so I could spray some finish on one of my cabinet projects, but┬ádidn’t quite know how I was going to get it done in a reasonable amount of time without going to a lot of work and expense. So here is what I came up with. Since my ceiling is a tad bit less than eight foot, I figured some one by two boards, some plastic sheeting, a few thumb tacks, and some tennis balls would solve my problem.

I took the tennis balls, cut a slit in them big enough to slip over the ends of the boards, then took a thumb tack and fastened the plastic to the tennis ball. I then wedged the boards against the floor and ceiling, holding the plastic up. I created a closed off space in no time at all to do my finishing in.

One person can do this in a matter of a few minutes by themselves, and with the tennis balls on top of the boards, you don’t scratch the ceiling. A person could use this method in their homes when remodeling for dust control also.

-O’neil Long

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