AT-ST Walker

AT-ST Walker

Although this is not in the traditional sphere of woodworking it is still pretty neat I think. I started working in 1:6 scale furniture for my nieces when I was a teen and continued to do so through out my woodworking career.

Now at the age of 42, and after three disabling back surgeries I am confined to working out of my little shop making miniatures of what I used to make in full scale. My son came to me and asked why I only make furniture? Why not do something for GI Joes or Star Wars? Well that hit a nerve and I started to plan. After laborious hours of searching for pictures I came upon some neat paper models that I could turn into “blueprints” for a 1:6 scale vehicle.

I think that you’ll like what you see. The vehicle is from Return of the Jedi, an AT-ST Scout walker.

The walker is 42″ Tall x 38″ wide x 32″ deep. All the joints in the legs are articulated and the head moves. The windshield covers close and the top “gunner’s hatch” opens and closes. The interior is semi finished and has adjustable seats (thanks to Velcro) for different sized figures. The body is mainly made from old 2×4 cutoffs.

Lots of fun to make and watch peoples reactions when they see it.

– Todd Bordner

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