A Sweet Way to Apply Putty

A Sweet Way to Apply Putty

Here is a new trick I recently discovered. When using Durham’s Rock Hard Wood Putty, I used to mix it in a Dixie cup. Of course, I mixed in too much water and eventually would mix way too much putty and apply it with a knife. It was messy and a waste of putty.

My epiphany arrived one day while I was cooking with my daughter. She was decorating a cake with a pastry chef decorator bag. I was working on a project for my wife’s craft room and needed to fill about 25 small holes before painting, and my solution was to use the concept of cake decorating bags.

I used a Ziplock bag as the mixing container. I simply placed in a couple of tablespoons of powder in the bag, and a little over a teaspoon of water. I kneaded the bag to mix it to the consistency I wanted, and then cut off the corner for the new opening. Like a cake decorator, I simply squirted the paste into the holes to be filled. I did follow back through with a counter-top color sample as a spreader to compact the putty in the hole. I used the counter top sample because its rigid enough for a spreader, but will not rust and it cleans up easily. When I was done with the pastry style Ziplock bag, I just tossed it out.

– Gary Hammen

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