• A Carver’s One-Stop Strop Spot

    The variously shaped profiles of my woodcarving chisel blades require a variety of strops, and I used to have to mount them one at a time in my lathe, switching from one to the next.

  • Tools Don’t Replace Talent or Time

    One of perks of being Woodworker’s Journal’s “field” editor is that, every now and then, I actually get out into the field. Sometimes I’m headed to trade shows, but the trips I enjoy even more involve getting together with other woodworkers to see how they do things. In addition to meeting some really fine people and taking care of a photoshoot, I often learn a thing or two about myself in the process.

  • Keeping in a Chuck and Taper

    The chuck and taper on my drill press keep falling out. How do I get them to stay in?