Norm Abram

  • Festool Partners with TOH

    Multi-platform partnership to include video content creation, PBS underwriting spots and category exclusivity on the New Yankee Workshop channel.

  • Say it Ain’t So, Norm

    As many of you have likely heard, the New Yankee Workshop has just announced that the current season will be their last. I have to say, that is sad news to me.

  • A Better Way to Brush Poly

    Leave it to Norm Abram to come up with a better way to apply polyurethane. Have you seen him use a big binder clip and a piece of old tee-shirt? If that doesn’t show Yankee frugality, I don’t know what does. But, you know what, it’s an amazingly good applicator. In fact, it’s become my favorite way to apply poly (wiping it on is my next).