Premium Video Series: Hand Planes


Few tools represent woodworking like the hand plane. When properly set up and used, a hand plane will smooth wood to perfection, leaving  a surface that often doesn’t need to be sanded. In this series, you’ll learn the history of hand planes, how hand planes work, the many types of hand planes, what each hand plane does best, and which bench planes every woodworker should have in their workshop. Episodes include detailed explanations of bench planes, low-angle planes, rabbet planes, router planes, plow planes, compass planes, chisel planes, molding planes and cabinet scrapers. Plus, you’ll learn how to sharpen your plane iron, set up and adjust your planes, and use your planes to give you great results.

This Premium Video Series is available for Woodworker’s Journal magazine subscribers.

Hand Plane Video Episode Listing:

1.  FREE EPISODE – Introduction to Bench Planes [7:39]

2. How to Sharpen a Hand Plane [5:27]

3. FREE PREVIEW EPISODE –  How to Assemble and Adjust a Hand Plane [7:02]

4. Smoothing a Rough Board Face [7:10]

5. Using Shooting Boards to Plane Edges [6:04]

6. Rabbet Planes [7:51]

7. Plow Planes [5:49]

8. Compass Plane [4:39]

9. Chisel Planes [3:00]

10. Router Planes [5:45]

11. Low-Angle Planes [5:00]

12. Side Rabbet Planes and Chamfer Planes [4:40]

13. Molding Planes [6:54]

14. Cabinet Scraper Planes and Scratch Beaders [7:38]