Premium Video Series: Measuring and Marking Tools


Learn about the most useful woodworking tools for measuring and marking. Episodes include detailed explanations of how to choose and use squares, bevels, rulers, scales, compasses, marking gauges, calipers, dividers, awls, scribers, marking knives, and more. You’ll learn techniques and tips for laying out mortises, dovetails, curves, and other common woodworking layout tasks.

This Premium Video Series is available for Woodworker’s Journal magazine subscribers.

Measuring and Marking Tools Video Episode Listing:

  1. Rulers and Scales [7:10]
  2. Squares and Bevels [6:10]
  3. Marking Gauges [9:15]
  4. Dividers and Calipers [5:24]
  5. Laying Out Curves [6:35]
  6. Awls, Scribers, and Marking Knives [6:19]
  7. Other Measuring and Marking Tools – Chalk lines, Levels, Center Punch, and More [7:37]