Premium Video Series: Woodworking Chisels



Learn about the most useful woodworking chisels. Episodes include detailed explanations of the different type of chisels and how to use chisels, including bench chisels, mortise chisels, timber framing chisels, and carving chisels. You’ll also learn how to sharpen all of your of chisels and gouges.

This Premium Video Series is available for Woodworker’s Journal magazine subscribers.

Woodworking Chisels Video Episode Listing:

  1. Introduction to Chisels [10:19]
  2. How to Sharpen Chisels [11:26]
  3. Bench Chisels [10:35]
  4. Mortise Chisels [11:56]
  5. Timber Framing Chisels [10:28]
  6. Carving Chisels [8:00]
  7. Sharpening Carving Chisels [8:59]