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Cutting Dadoes with a Table Saw

A dado joint is a flat bottom channel that is cut to fit the width of another piece of wood. They are perfect for supporting shelves in cabinets or dividers in boxes. We show you how to cut a dado using a table saw and stacked dado blade set.

Using a Pocket Hole Jig

Learn how to make a basic face frame pocket hole joint. Pocket hole joinery is a fast and easy option for making face frames, reinforcing miters, connecting cabinet sides, attaching top panels, and many more applications.

Quick and Easy End Table

Using a Tapering and Straight-line Jig

This simple jig makes it easy to cut straight-line edges or tapers using your table saw, as JoAnne Liebeler explains. You can explore more tips and tricks like this one in the Woodworker’s Journal DVD “The Way to Woodwork — Mastering the Table Saw.”

Assemble Projects with BeadLock Tenons

Chris Marshall takes a look at the Beadlock Joinery system from Rockler, which makes cutting mortise-and-tenon joinery as simple as drilling holes, even for creating off-set joinery. You can learn more about the Beadlock system here.

Family Made Adirondak Chair

Template Routing Basics

One of the easiest ways to duplicate parts is by using templates. Learn how to make templates and which router bit should you use when cutting around a template. You’ll also learn how to set up your router or router table to make cuts around templates.

Making and Installing Wood Plugs

How to cover exposed screw heads with wood plugs. Learn how to make and install wood plugs. Chris shows you how to cut custom plugs from any wood species.

Lighted Bookshelf

Installing Blind Shelf Support Hardware

The key is using hardware that is not visible after the shelf is installed. This hardware features hex pins that extend into the shelf, creating the illusion that a shelf is floating.