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Epoxy like a PRO with System Three casting resins and pigments. From small voids and cracks to massive river tables, System Three’s decades of experience coupled with cutting edge R&D will ensure that your project comes out looking amazing!


System Three's RiverCast Epoxy

RiverCast is a clear epoxy system formulated specifically for woodworking casting applications. It produces ultra-clear casts with minimal bubble entrapment. Use RiverCast to make beautiful river tables or to fill large inclusions in wood substrates. Epoxy like a PRO with RiverCast!


System Three's MirrorCast Epoxy

MirrorCast is a clear epoxy casting resin designed to fill knots, cracks, and voids in wood substrates with minimal shrinkage. Use MirrorCast to fill voids prior to finishing wood components. When cured, MirrorCast can be sanded, shaped, and drilled. Epoxy like a PRO with MirrorCast!

CastFX Colorants and Pigments

System Three's CastFX Dry Epoxy Colorant System Three's CastFX Liquid Epoxy Colorant

CastFX colorants and pigments are designed to work specifically with RiverCast and MirrorCast epoxies. CastFX Liquid Colorants and CastFX Dry Metallic Pigments can be used together to create stunning, one of a kind effects.