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Create-A-Bed Adjustable Murphy Bed Mechanism

Murphy bed hardware made by Create-a-Bed

The Create-A-Bed Adjustable Murphy Bed Mechanism is our latest patented, state-of-the-art piston lift system. Made in the USA, this unique Murphy Bed Mechanism can be adjusted quickly and simply – even after a bed has been installed, and without changing the hardware locations. That means the manufacturer – or even the customer – can easily adjust a Murphy bed that’s too heavy or light. With old fashioned hardware, that used to mean taking everything apart to add or remove bulky, hazardous metal springs. But now, thanks to Create-A-Bed’s patented mechanism, a Murphy bed can be adjusted in seconds. Your customer won’t even have to remove the mattress!

The Adjustable Murphy Bed Mechanism is designed to meet the needs of furniture and closet manufacturers, cabinetmakers, and remodelers. All of the hardware mounting positions have been standardized. The state-of-the-art gas spring mechanism and heavy-duty, commercial grade American-made components are economically priced and feature a lifetime warranty. The instructions include cut sheets, bills of materials and templates and at Create-A-Bed we offer 1-800 Technical assistance.