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Sjobergs Nordic Plus Workbench 1450

Sjobergs 1450 Nordic Workbench with highlighted accessories

The Sjobergs Nordic Plus workbench gives you the functionality and size you need at a price you can afford. With four standard vise locations—one on each end, and two along the front edge—the Nordic Plus is capable of securely holding most anything. The vises can be rotated to suit left- or right-handed woodworkers, and they can be positioned as dual front vises to hold extra-long boards for jointing, or as dual tail vises for an extended lengthwise clamping capacity of 63″. The top is constructed from solid Scandinavian birch, while the trestle is made from Nordic pine. With a thickness of just over 1″ in the center, and a skirt of 2-3/4″, the top is very rigid.


– Solid birch top is just over 1″ thick in the middle, and 2-3/4″ around the edge

– Trestle is made from Nordic pine

– Powerful steel vise spindles can withstand up to 1300 kp of force (12748 N)

– Vises have a 4-1/2″ opening capacity

– Double rows of bench dog holes extend from all vise locations

– Trestle is also pre-drilled with dog holes

– Includes four 3/4″ round plastic/glass fiber bench dogs