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Sjobergs Elite Workbench 2000 with Cabinet SM04 and Accessory Kit

Sjobergs Elite 2000 Workbench

Designed by professionals for professionals, the Sjobergs Elite 2000 is the ultimate workbench solution. Among the heaviest, most durable benches in the Sjobergs line, the Elite 2000 is just over 76″ long with a top more than 3-1/4″ thick! Made in Sweden to the very highest standards, its mass is designed to totally eliminate any vibration, rocking or racking. To add even more mass, and to provide convenient tool storage, this package includes a base cabinet with doors and drawers. For maximum strength, the top is constructed with full-length laminations of knot-free European beech, without any ugly splices. Solid beech is also used in the preassembled trestle frames, and the entire bench is treated with top-quality oil. The tops are just under 3-3/8″ thick in the middle, joined with tongue and groove joints for consistent flatness. The skirt around the edge is a sturdy 4-5/16″ in height. The two massive pre-mounted vises, made in Sweden exclusively for Sjobergs, boast a 5-3/4″ opening capacity, and slide along fully adjustable guide rails to eliminate any jaw misalignment. If you are left-handed, the front vise can be moved to the other side of the bench, and the top rotated 180°. The bench also includes four solid steel bench dogs with side springs, while double rows of dog holes permit even the toughest clamping jobs using either vise.

This package also includes an Elite Workbench Accessory Kit. The accessory kit includes the QSH Holdfast Elite, which slips into 1″ dog holes in the benchtop for clamping items horizontally, or in the trestle legs for clamping large boards or doors on edge. It swivels 360° and slides vertically to accommodate different stock thicknesses. The kit also includes the Sjobergs Universal Anvil, which slips into the dog holes along the edge of your workbench for working with metal or to protect the top during heavy pounding. Anvil lug is adjustable to fit a range of workbenches with both 3/4″ and 1″ diameter dog holes. A set of JC12 self-adhesive jaw protectors is also included to protect both the vise jaws and delicate workpieces from marring.