I am a Hobby Woodworker, 69 years young, not any sort of professional. After a good many years of making firewood projects, I took on a project for a friend. No pressure here. I agreed to make a tall chest of drawers for him. He allowed me to make it any style I wanted. He said he just wanted something unique and custom made. I was flattered that he had that much confidence in my work, when even I wasn’t so sure I could pull this one off. His only preference; make it from Red Oak, 6′ tall by 33″ wide. It took me 10 months of spare time work but I did complete this Tall Chest, finished with Pecan stain in Polyurethane gloss (his choice). This was my most challenging project to date and my friend was overjoyed with the results, making this one of my most satisfying projects ever. – Reg Hainstock

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