Accurate Cuts from Accu-Guide

The Accu-Guide turns your circular saw into a panel saw. Well, not literally — there’s no Harry Potter-esque transmogrification involved — but there certainly is a functional change.

Cam-lock disks fasten the saw into the base and outer edge of a trolley and guide-rail system, which has been sized to fit any brand of circ saw. Accomplishing this bit of setup means the trolley’s outer edge is aligned with your cut-line. Then, since you have the alignment — for accuracy — and the attachment — for safety — you can cut with confidence, even if you can’t see the cutline for the sawdust. You can also stop the saw if you need to walk around to the other side of your panel, then restart it without worrying about binding or kickback.

Crosscutting, ripping long cuts in narrow stick and sizing rough lumber are among the operations you can do with this setup. Attaching the trolley system does mean you lose a miniscule amount of your circular saw’s maximum depth of cut: -1/8″. On the other hand, the two segment-rail lets you rip up to 96″ when you have the segments joined. Individually, each section lets you crosscut up to 48″.

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