Amana Tool Timberline® Goldline

Amana Tool Timberline® Goldline™

Amana Tool’s new Timberline® Goldline™ thin-kerf saw blades are designed for use in portable circular saws. The new line currently consists of two blades, a 7-1/4″ diameter, 24-tooth framing blade (item 4725-24B) and a 7-1/4″ diameter, 40-tooth finishing blade (item 4725-40B). Both are anodized to resist wear and corrosion during use on pressure-treated lumber, which contains chemicals, and have micro-grain carbide tips for long wear and smooth cutting results. The Timberline Goldline blades are designed for use in cutting wood, wet lumber and pressure-treated lumber. Pricing starts at $7.53 for the 24-tooth, 7-1/4″ diameter framing blade.

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