Bandsaw Jewelry Boxes

Bandsaw Jewelry Boxes

1.  Hickory
2.  Zebrawood
3.  Walnut Sapwood

Handcrafted by Dave and Kathy Dye
“Retired and recommending it”

See the Gallery Below:

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  • Chris Marshall

    Nice boxes! That walnut sapwood is used to really handsome effect.

  • Bob Shubert

    Beautiful job on the bandsaw jewelry boxes. Mine are made in an “S” shape because of my name
    and they are always greatly appreciated gifts.

  • Dave Ray

    Love the wood combo’s. The workmanship is first class

  • Rick

    They are beautiful! Have always wanted to try to build something like this! Where could one go to learn how?

  • Jim Clark

    Other than incredible what can one say….well, besides how in the world did you do those? Care to share?? Thanks.

    • otis haerr

      I made mine by cutting a slice(1/2″?) from the back from the rough sawn stock then band sawing out the drawers as you can see from the picture. Then I cut a slice from the front and rear of the drawers and cut the inside of the drawer to form the cavity and reglued the back 1/2″ and then the front and back of the drawers before the final finishing. I did this all free hand and made several(each were slightly different). That’s part of the unique character of these boxes.

  • Mel Johansen

    I had plans for the lower left jewelry box (Tsunami) and made one for my daughter. I would like to make the top one (three drawer) for my other daughter. Can I purchase the plan?


  • Mel Johansen

    I would like a reply to my question as to whether or not I can get plans.

    • Matt Becker


      These are projects submitted by readers, not necessarily based on plans that we sell. We don’t sell the plans for any of the boxes featured in this blog post.

  • John Hope

    if you really want to get into doing bandsaw boxes there is no finer books than this lady wrote “lois keener ventura ” it is possible to down load her two books off the internet they have all the information ones wants to build these boxes from a personal point of view if you are really serious about going down this road I would invest in a carter guide system about $80 and use a 1/8 inch blade as anything above this leaves quite a large gap round the drawers and it takes quite a lot of hit and miss to get round the tight radi I live in the uk and it is not possible for me to get a carter system so have to bite the bullet and put up with what I turn out

  • John Hope

    there are books on the market with these patterns in and and I would use a 1/8 blade to keep the turns tight and the shut gap a lot less

  • Dave Dye

    Appreciate the comments. The plans can be found in two books by Lois Keener Ventura, they are “Building Beautiful Bandsaw Boxes and Sculpted Band Saw Boxes”. I’m sure they are readily available through Amazon or else where. Wood selection and planning how the wood or woods go together are very important. Obviously, and bandsaw is necessary, and oscillating sander of some sort will make things a lot easier. Have fun, they will be very rewarding to build.