Country Style Pantry

The unique drawer joinery, two-tone wood and clever integration of the drawer pulls into the faces bring some clever touches to an already-impressive piece.

This is a country style pantry that I built for our new home. Two-toned white oak with a dark brown dye stain for the main cabinets and clear gel varnish for the final top coat. There are 22 small item drawers (6″x6″x15″) in the center and 4 larger drawers between the upper and lower outer cabinets. I used glass doors to add ever changing color to the kitchen and a flemish glass pattern to defuse the contents of the pantry portion of the cabinets. Clear glass was used on top for display. Over all dimensions are approximately 96″ x 96″ x 16″.

– Leon Bridges

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Matt Becker
Internet Production Coordinator

pantry full

pantry door

pantry drawer

pantry bottom

  • Louis Mulder

    This is a real nice piece of furniture!I think the scalloped glass have a very classy effect on the upper cabinet work.Is it possible to have this plan published?

  • That is really a unique design, and an outstanding job all around. I am curious about the joinery on the drawer fronts. It appears that you used Baltic birch plywood for the drawers. Are those pins holding the fronts to the sides Festool dominos?

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